Gary Stoner is an artist and producer of electronic music. Gary has always had an interest in music
and DJing since he was young. Gary now creates and releases his own music independently, writes all his own track lyrics and works with selected vocalists.
Gary bases his music lyrics on events that have happened in his own life. He has used this method to get through mental and physical pain that he has suffered for many years. Making music was the turning point in Gary's life to pursue a dream he always had of becoming a music artist and DJ. 
Gary is available to hire for any music events or gigs. You can enquire through the contact page. Gary also offers DJ tutorials through his music academy. For more information on this, please click here.
Gary's other creative art form is photography, he now does photoshoots for his wife Hayley Stoner who is also a music artist and producer. He also loves to photograph outside scenic locations and is finding photography an interesting hobby.


Gary's wife Hayley, also has her own branded shop 'EDM Journey to Freedom'. The brand is based upon Hayley's slogan of "let the music take you on a journey to who you really are". Hayley's shop can be found here.